Electromagnetic interaction is the interaction between electrically charged particles through electromagnetic fields.

In this context, FERROMAGNET Electromagnetic Systems, known for being a domestic and high-quality manufacturer, designs and manufactures special design electromagnetic chuck systems for all workpieces compatible with the magnetic field, in addition to standard magnetic chuck series.

Some of the materials you can process by connecting to a CNC universal milling machine, CNC horizontal machining center and CNC vertical machining center using electromagnetic chucks are:

Sıcak haddelenmiş çelik materials, sıcak çekme lama, soğuk çekme lamalar, dökme demirler etc. You can process many workpieces with FERROMAGNET magnetic chucks, adding efficiency to your production line.

Electromagnetic chucks offer users safer and more profitable advantages compared to traditional workpiece clamping devices. You can explore the details of these advantages on our page for P15 Series Electromagnetic Chucks, which allow you to easily process very thin and closely spaced small workpieces and do not adhere to the workpiece.

Designed by FERROMAGNET with square pole technology and manufactured in its factory in Bursa, SQ Series Electromagnetic Chucks , apply maximum holding force per pole.

While electromagnetic chucks are produced in standard sizes, thanks to being a domestic and manufacturer company, Special Design Electromagnetic Chucks are also designed and manufactured by design engineers of FERROMAGNET according to the needs of customers.

In addition, practical, flexible, and multifunctional FERROMAGNET Moduler Block Electromagnetic Chucks can be used by placing them in different shapes according to the workpiece you will process on your CNC machine. Modular block magnetic chucks, which allow you to process your workpieces in various sizes as you wish, are specially produced for your company by FERROMAGNET Electromagnetic Systems.


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