FERROMAGNET Magnetic Quick Mold Change Systems for Mold Change is suitable for sheet metal press machines with different tonnages, allowing for quick mold changeover and reducing the downtime of sheet metal press machines without making any changes/deformations to the molds.

Magnetic Quick Mold Change Systems for Mold Change, which contacts the entire surface of the mold, significantly reduces the mold changeover time (up to 80-90%) compared to the traditional procedure. A single operator can easily and safely operate without working inside the machine. It provides complete safety with a high-security protection system.



  • You become more competitive against your competitors with timely delivery.

  • While labor costs decrease, the production potential of the machines increases.

  • Thanks to quick changes, production can be done in small lots, eliminating the need to keep stock and reducing stock costs.

  • It does not require traditional mold clamping devices (such as bolts, pins, etc.). It provides the opportunity for quick mold clamping and removal with a single button.

  • It eliminates factors that cause deformation due to clamping on the molds.

  • It provides smooth and uniform mold clamping on all surfaces of the presses. It guarantees an ideal compression on the mold.

  • It facilitates the production of different parts in a short time on the production line.

  • It provides more than 90% time savings and reduces clamping costs.

  • It reduces the need for human labor.

  • It increases efficiency.

  • It allows you to produce safely and without risks.

  • It does not require maintenance.


Easy Installation: No manual adjustments and traditional mold clamping devices are required.

Enhanced Safety: No electricity is needed during operation, allowing it to remain operational even in the event of a power outage without causing harm to operators. It requires only 2 seconds of electricity for the opening (MAG)/closing (DEMAG) operations.

Increased Efficiency: It minimizes the mold clamping time. A mold that used to take 1 hour to clamp can now be clamped in 10-15 minutes thanks to the FERROMAGNET quick mold change system.

Energy and labor-saving No need for screws, nuts, clamps, and other traditional clamping devices.

Maintenance-Free: No maintenance is required, the mold remains undamaged and does not deform.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I encounter any issues when removing the sheet from the mold?

FERROMAGNET uses the latest technologies in the electromagnetic systems sector. The electromagnetic current is completely cut off as soon as you close the fast mold change system. When the magnetic system is disabled, there is no possibility of any current remaining in the shaped part, so you will not encounter any issues when removing the mold.

Is there a risk of the mold falling from the quick mold change system?

No, it is not possible for electromagnetic quick mold change systems to release the mold they hold until the closing command is given after they are opened, according to the laws of physics. As long as you do not give the closing command to the magnetic system you have opened, it is not possible for it to release the mold even if you leave it on for years.

Is there a tonnage limitation in the quick mold change system?

The FERROMAGNET electromagnetic quick mold change system is specially designed according to the dimensions of our customers' press machines and the mold to be used, and is produced after customer approval. The system, which is custom-made for the machine and mold to be used, is designed with the necessary tonnage information and customer approval. It is suitable for use with heavy and large molds. You can click here to fill out the quick mold change system quotation form and send it to us to receive your price quotation.

Does the system get affected in case of a power outage?

No, FERROMAGNET electromagnetic quick mold change systems only use electricity for 3 seconds during the opening and closing phases. After giving the opening command, you can continue your work without using electricity. In the event of a power outage, the device is not affected by this situation, and FERROMAGNET, which also provides a 99% energy saving in energy consumption, is determined to provide efficiency to your company in every aspect!

What should I pay attention to when buying a quick mold change system?

If you have decided to buy a quick mold change system, there are many reasons to choose FERROMAGNET. These can be listed as follows:

-FERROMAGNET, a domestic manufacturer, has an after-sales technical service department in Turkey that will provide support within 24 hours in case of any problems you may encounter. You will not have to wait for days for service as you would with systems purchased from foreign brands, and you will not have to stop your production line.

-It is possible to have a custom design and production according to your machine and the mold you will use.

-With the advantage of working with a domestic manufacturer, the connection parts of the magnetic system can be designed specifically for your machine.

How are shipping processes handled after purchase?

Shipping costs vary depending on the agreement you have with the warehouse, weight, and distance. You need to discuss this with the warehouse.





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