SQ series electromagnetic chucks/tables are produced in standard dimensions; however, as an advantage of being the manufacturer, custom-designed magnetic tables in different sizes according to customers’ needs are also designed and produced with FERROMAGNET quality.

The magnetic tables designed by FERROMAGNETT with square pole technology and manufactured in its factory located in Turkey/Bursa apply maximum holding force per pole.

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Advantages of SQ Series Electromagnetic Chucks

High Holding Force: Applies maximum holding force per pole thanks to square pole technology.

Custom Design: Custom-designed magnetic tables in different sizes can be produced according to customer needs.

Quality and Reliability: Offers reliable and quality products with FERROMAGNETT quality and production in its factory located in Turkey/Bursa.

Affordable Price: You can procure products that meet your needs at affordable prices.

After-Sales Support: Provides support after sales to assist with any questions regarding product usage.

Wide Range of Products: Offers a wide range of products for different needs.

Industry Experience: With approximately 20 years of experience, it is a pioneer in the industry.

These advantages mean that SQ Series Electromagnetic Tables can increase efficiency for your business.

Technical Details

Power Requirement: 220V electricity is required for the opening/closing operation, with only 2 seconds of electricity needed. It does not require electricity during operation.

Holding Force: According to the maximum adhesion property of steel, FERROMAGNETt SQ Series electromagnetic tables operate with a maximum holding force in the range of 16 kg/cm² - 17.5 kg/cm², ensuring strong adhesion for steel workpieces.

Resistance to Fluids: Not affected by boron oil and coolant fluids due to the military-type sockets used.

Safety Features: FERROMAGNETT magnetic chucks are not affected by chips thanks to the special production epoxy material and armored flame-retardant cables used, making them extremely safe.

Multi-Surface Machining: Allows machining of all five surfaces of the workpiece in a single clamping.

Vibration Reduction: FERROMAGNETT magnetic chucks are extremely safe and eliminate vibration during machining, allowing for fast and efficient chip removal, extending tool life, and increasing productivity.

Production and Support: Produced in Turkey with full insulation and robust mechanical hardware. Technical service and maintenance support are provided from Turkey.

magnetic chuck

400 X 400 mm

magnetic chuck

400 X 600 mm

magnetic chuck

400 X 800 mm

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are electromagnetic tables/chucks used for?

Electromagnetic chucks are used for holding and machining parts in metalworking machines. They are commonly used in milling, turning, and drilling operations.

Can I operate multiple electromagnetic chucks simultaneously with a single control unit?

Yes, using Ferromagnet electromagnetic chucks allows you to connect two electromagnetic tables with a dual-output single control unit.

In which industries are electromagnetic chucks used?

Electromagnetic chucks are commonly used in the metalworking industry, automotive industry, machine manufacturing, and similar industries.

What are the advantages of electromagnetic chucks?

Electromagnetic chucks increase safety during machining by securely holding parts and allowing for precise machining of workpieces. They also speed up production processes by enabling quick and easy changeover of workpieces.

What is the warranty period for FERROMAGNET electromagnetic chucks?

FERROMAGNETT electromagnetic systems typically come with a one-year warranty period. However, the warranty period may vary depending on the product and the seller.

What is the total weight of the chucks and the unit?

The weight of the control units is approximately 5 kilograms on average. You can review the weights of Ferromagnet SQ Series magnetic tables according to their dimensions in the table below.

What is the holding force of the electromagnetic chucks?

You can review the holding forces of Ferromagnet SQ Series magnetic tables according to their dimensions in the table below.

After purchase, how are shipping processes carried out?

Shipping fees vary depending on the shipping company we have an agreement with, the weight, and the distance. We offer shipping to every part of Europe. Products are sent with the recipient paying for the shipping.

If it comes into contact with liquid during processing, would I encounter any problems?

Ferromagnet SQ Series electromagnetic chucks are resistant to liquid contact thanks to their military-grade sockets. This feature means that they will not be affected by boron oil and coolant fluids. Therefore, you will not encounter any problems caused by liquid contact during processing.

What are the special and standard dimensions of electromagnetic chucks?

Electromagnetic tables are typically produced in standard and custom sizes. Standard sizes are usually determined according to industrial standards and are suitable for commonly used machine models. Custom sizes, on the other hand, are determined according to customer requests and are produced specifically for a particular project or application. Custom sizes can vary in dimensions and shapes from standard sizes and are usually designed to provide the required features for a specific product or application. For example, electromagnetic tables with a larger surface area can be produced in custom sizes to process larger parts.

You can review the standard magnetic table dimensions of the FERROMAGNET  SQ series in the table below.

The choice of workholding fixture is crucial for maximizing machining and production efficiency, as how a machined part is held is just as important as how it is cut. FERROMAGNET offers a range of electro permanent magnetic chucks designed to securely hold ferromagnetic workpieces for grinding, milling, and CNC machining lathe machine applications. These chucks provide several advantages to your machining process:

  • Ensures constant and uniform clamping, providing full support to the workpiece.
  • Eliminates vibrations and chatter, unlike mechanical clamps and vises.
  • Enables access to multi-side machining without the need to stop and re-position the workpiece.
  • Enhances safety with electro-permanent magnetic technology, ensuring a secure and stable hold of the workpiece even in the event of a power outage.
SQ FM EPMT 400*400
220 V.
55 KG
SQ FM EPMT 400*600
220 V.
14 TON
75 KG
SQ FM EPMT 400*800
220 V.
18 TON
110 KG




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