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With 15 years of Technical Experience, Expertise and Innovative understanding, we design and manufacture high quality electro magnetic parts holding and clamping solutions with high technology.

Thanks to the very often polar design with the latest unrivaled P 15 series, you will connect workpieces with much higher force without encountering the problem of sawdust on the part, and you will use standard size magnetic chucks at much wider X and Y axes at reasonable prices.
With Ferromagnet Quick Mold Binding Systems, which are designed and produced with permanent type electromagnetic technology and high safety coefficient, you can connect Sheet Molds, Ceramic Molds, Plastic Injection Molds easily and quickly, thus you will get a serious increase in efficiency.
Thanks to the latest Permanent Type Electromagnetic Curb technology and high safety coefficient safe magnetic leverage design, you will perform magnetic lifting and capture up to 30 tons of weight with all kinds of steel parts and sheet plates magnetic lifters.
Design and production of electromagnetic gripper systems with special form and suitable for other technical expectations, also suitable for automation and robotic projects.
Permanent type electromagnetic technology and Ferromagnet electromagnetic chucks produced in desired dimensions and properties hold high energy saving advantage and at least 30% higher force than other magnetic chucks.

Use Ferromagnet Electromagnetic Chuck Systems for easy and fast component fastening

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What we do?

FERROMAGNET is not just a magnetic chuck supplier; Design and Production of Standard and Special Electro Magnetic Part Fastening Systems.

Solutions that Make Your Business Easier

Electro-Magnetic Systems that make your work easier and safely used, Designs, Produces and Delivers High Quality Solutions for you with the aim of Continuous Development and Continuous Innovation.

Development and Innovations

Ferromagnet strives to offer you the best in 15 years

Frequently Asked Questions

1How many kg of attraction force has one pole?
The most accurate definition of the clamping force in electromagnetic plates is the clamping force in the unit area, defined in kg / cm2: If the maximum hardness of the steel part cannot be greater than 66 Hrc, when the maximum bonding force is connected to an electromagnetic chuck, in real environments 17.5 kg / cm2 can not be more than. For better understanding; For example, for a square pole electro magnetic chuck measuring 50 * 50 mm, the attraction force per pole is 350 kg, polar area 5 cm x 5 cm = 25 cm 2; the holding force is 350 kg / 25 cm2 = 14 kg / cm 2. Electro Magnetic chucks as the pole distance becomes narrower, the tensile force increases (for example, it holds 15 lines instead of 5 lines in the same area that is holding at the base of the part). For this reason, FERROMAGNET Electro Magnetic chucks, the newest series of 15 mm pole spacing P15 series of very frequent pole holding force 16 kg / cm 2.
2If a pole breaks down, does the magnetic chuck work and only this pole can be repaired?
Ferromagnet other Electro Magnetic chuck manufacturers use the same technique that many follow the broken poles and will not interfere with work with the rest of the magnetic plate, single pole repair can be done quickly and cost-effectively in Turkey.
3Does it release the part during machining?
No, since the components are connected to the electromagnet chucks, if the command does not come from the electronic unit due to the basic operating principles of the system, it is absolutely not possible to leave the part, it is technically not possible.
4If we use coolant, will it damage the magnetic chuck?
No, it won't harm. Ferromagnet electro magnetic chuck and sockets are insulated against liquid with special insulation materials.
5How to intervene in a situation that requires service?
As Ferromagnet, a manufacturer company, we act according to the fact that it is very important to respond quickly and to be simple and simple in service. For example, the most common faults user error is caused by Electro Magnetic Tray socket fractures, as soon as the solution to our stock reserves, which are constantly tracks usually We provide magnetic chucks from us coming, while in larger fault with it already solving the great advantage of being a manufacturer of in Turkey and cost advantage… Can we control 2 magnetic trays together with a single electronic unit? Yes, Ferromagnet offers you standard solutions that can easily do this.
6Your prices are reasonable, is there something missing?
No, we have been manufacturing with the principle of continuous development since 2009 and especially in the new Ferromagnet Electro Magnetic chuck series developed for the last 2 years, quality and strength have increased significantly and there are certainly no technical deficiencies and even some critical technical surpluses. The problem of less chip adhesion to the workpiece has been solved only in Ferromagnet electromagnets; In the latest P15 series of ferromagnets, there is very little chip adhesion to the workpiece, and there are many companies that use Ferromagnet magnetic chucks even when drilling holes in the workpiece. The dimension advantage is, for example, the net size of the magnetic chuck from outside to outside in the definition of 400 * 600 mm is 430 * 680 mm for Ferromagnet. You get more with much less price. With production cost advantages of doing business in Turkey, we have been committed to providing our valued users with reasonable prices.


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Everything about electromagnetic chucks systems

In these days, the last situation of technology provides incredible advantages for people. We can do many things easily with the help of the technology. Also, we can get more efficiency in comparison with the prior results. Heavy equipments are one of the fields that are provided advantages mostly by technology.

What do electromagnetic chucks systems do ?

Electromagnetic chucks systems, which are the profits of technology, can be used in the process of milling and grinding. These devices, which have incredibly force of catching, are more professional rather than old and primitive methods. You can find the opportunity of processing 5 surfaces of the piece by using our electromagnetic chucks systems. It doesn’t need to use of energy during working, so you can save on energy. It is enough to charge these devices before working.

Features of our  chucks systems

You can get high efficiency and energy saving by using our electromagnetic chucks systems. In addition, our devices have high-level features.

Here are the features of electromagnetic chucks systems that are produced by us;

  • incredibly force of catching
  • the opportunity of processing 5 surfaces of the piece
  • to able to work without energy
  • to have waterproof and fireproof components
  • to provide full insulation

In addition to that, if you have any problem while using these technological masterpiece products, you have the option of taking technical support by getting in contact with our companies which are located in Turkey. You can reach incredibly force of catching by using our P15 series, state of the art technology product. There is nothing to stick on our products like shavings and so on and your process are not prevented. You can even process the 10 mm pieces.

Advantages of using electromagnetic chucks systems

Electromagnetic chucks systems provide a considerable acceleration in your processes. You can make your processes easily thanks to its easy usage and high force of catching, so you can save your time. Also, it is possible to increase your productivity with using electromagnetic chucks systems. In addition, electromagnetic chucks systems provide savings on energy at an incredible level. Thanks to the feature of processing without energy, you can avoid from unnecessary energy using in your processes.

Prices of electromagnetic chucks

The price of electromagnetic chucks shows changes based on the types of products. You can get the information about the price by entering the features of the device that you want from the related part of our website. We also produce chucks at a specific size based on the request of the user. The price of these products shows changes based on the size and the feature that is wanted.

Why Ferro should be preffered ?

Ferro Magnet, provided service in abroad on 2005, took its first steps to produce on 2009 with its experience. We have considerable amount experiences as a result of providing services in the field of magnetic chucks for 15 years. We guarantee that we provide the best service for our customers by using these experiences. All of our products have reasonable price, and thanks to the feature of technical support, you can request for help in the case of a problem.

All Services

Ferro Magnet provides services not as a supplier but as a manufacturer. We make productions in many standard or specific fields under the title of electromagnetic systems. We assign mainly electromagnetic clumping systems, special design electromagnet, and electromagnetic carrying and lifting systems. All our products have professional labour as a result of our experiences in this field.
Also,we can make manufacturing which have specific size to meet our customers’ demands.

All our products have high quality design and they are aimed at increase  the labor productivity. You can contact to us if you want to get reliable and professional services.

What They Said?

  • Mr. Bilal
    I bought it with concern. But the performance was above my expectations.
    Mr. Bilal
    Aktif Kalıp - Manisa
  • Mr Recep
    I have been using foreign brand magnetic chuck for a long time. People around me told me not to prefer domestic products. But I still preferred Ferromagnet because it was indigenous. I am very pleased with the technical and performance. It doesn't fall behind foreign brands.
    Mr Recep
    Uzman Kalıp - İstanbul/Bayrampaşa
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