Thanks to the very often polar design with the latest unrivaled P 15 series, you will connect workpieces with much higher force without encountering the problem of sawdust on the part, and you will use standard size magnetic chucks at much wider X and Y axes at reasonable prices.
With Ferromagnet Quick Mold Binding Systems, which are designed and produced with permanent type electromagnetic technology and high safety coefficient, you can connect Sheet Molds, Ceramic Molds, Plastic Injection Molds easily and quickly, thus you will get a serious increase in efficiency.
Thanks to the latest Permanent Type Electromagnetic Curb technology and high safety coefficient safe magnetic leverage design, you will perform magnetic lifting and capture up to 30 tons of weight with all kinds of steel parts and sheet plates magnetic lifters.
Design and production of electromagnetic gripper systems with special form and suitable for other technical expectations, also suitable for automation and robotic projects.
Permanent type electromagnetic technology and Ferromagnet electromagnetic chucks produced in desired dimensions and properties hold high energy saving advantage and at least 30% higher force than other magnetic chucks.

Use Ferromagnet Electromagnetic Chuck Systems for easy and fast component fastening

Technical Information

30% Ease of Work and Efficiency

Very High Clamping Force

It works with 220 V and 380 V supply. The cable is fireproof.

Does not require energy at run time.

You can process 5 surfaces of the part

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What we do?

FERROMAGNET is not just a magnetic chuck supplier; Design and Production of Standard and Special Electro Magnetic Part Fastening Systems.

Solutions that Make Your Business Easier

Electro-Magnetic Systems that make your work easier and safely used, Designs, Produces and Delivers High Quality Solutions for you with the aim of Continuous Development and Continuous Innovation.

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