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FERROMAGNET wishes success to all participants and visitors of The Metal Show & TIB.

The Metal Show & TIB is an international trade fair for metal processing technologies and industrial equipment held at the renowned Romexpo Exhibition Center in Bucharest. The fair takes place annually in spring and has a long tradition since its inception in 1970.

FERROMAGNET extends its best wishes to all participants and visitors of the Metal Show & TIB Fair, a major event that caters to professionals and visitors from the entire metal industry. Metal Show & TIB brings together leading companies in the metal sector and showcases the latest technologies.

The fair focuses on various fields such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, automation, industrial communication and information technology, chemistry and petrochemistry, industrial services, metallurgy, welding technology, transportation, storage, and much more. The main emphasis of the fair is on innovation, technology, and industry trends that shape the metal processing industry and related sectors.

In summary, Metal Show & TIB is a significant trade fair in its field, attracting industry experts and decision-makers from around the world, and providing them with the opportunity to discover the latest innovations and trends, strengthen business relationships, and establish new partnerships.

Metal Show & TIB is preparing to host many companies operating in different sectors that have the potential to use FERROMAGNET’s electromagnetic solutions in Bucharest from May 14th to 17th, 2024.

FERROMAGNET offers electromagnetic clamping solutions for metal processing technologies, as well as electromagnetic holding and gripping systems. Its substantial experience and know-how in these areas, along with its reliable references, advance the efficient business relationships and satisfaction it establishes with its customers each year.

FERROMAGNET, which has recently made significant R&D investments in sheet metal processing technologies, produces sheet lifting systems to be used in laser cutting, plasma cutting, and oxygen cutting machines. It offers customer-specific engineering solutions by designing systems to load sheet metal for laser cutting, collect cut parts in bulk, transport pipes-profiles, and design rechargeable lifting devices,

Dear METAL SHOW & TIB participants, you can contact us to experience FERROMAGNET’s electromagnetic clamping, lifting, and gripping solutions. You can visit our websites ( and ) or send an email to to submit your request. We will be delighted to provide you with the fastest and most practical solutions.

Wishing all participants and visitors a good fair.


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